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Celebrating one year of the Dudley Young Person’s alliance.

The Dudley Young Person’s Alliance brings together several organizations to help young individuals find their footing, build confidence, and receive practical and personal support. 

It’s a conscious strategic shift developed between local charities and social enterprises and Dudley Council.  Our collective aim is to make sure that young people in Dudley – who might otherwise face homelessness have someone to live on, someone to back them. 

After a lot of heard work to get things going The Alliance has been celebrating it’s first full year in operation.

Celebrating One Year of Impact:

35 people from six different organizations gathered at CHADD to celebrate the first anniversary of the Dudley Young Person’s Alliance. This unique collaboration involves five organizations, including CHADD, Just Straight Talk, Top Church Training, Green Square Accord, and Black Country YMCA, working alongside Dudley Council to support young people in various ways.

This video celebrates the first year of 5 years of the Alliance. March 2023. Thanks to Geoffery, Ethan and Megan for sharing their stories.

There is also a poster with some statistics that sets out this first year.

You are looking at grewy poster with a series of statistics about the alliance and three images of young people who've benefited with quotes. There is a pdf of the same image on the page which may help you with a screen reader.

Ethan’s Journey:

Ethan, a young individual who has benefitted from the Alliance, shared his experience in a video presented at the gathering. He said, “Ethan 6 months ago was a bit more lost. I didn’t know where I was going. Everyone has got their own role in what they help me with, and they communicate with each other, and there’s no crossover.”

This statement reflects the seamless collaboration among the organizations, which has made a significant difference in the lives of many young people, including Ethan.

Addressing the Basics

The Dudley Young Person’s Alliance focuses on providing essential support to young people in need. This can include help with finding a home for those facing homelessness and guidance to hone life skills such as cooking, money management, and time management.

The Power of Partnership

Sam Thornton from Dudley Council commented on the success of the Alliance during the celebration, saying, “We’ve seen over the last few months what partnership working can achieve, and it makes life smoother for the younger people because you work together.”

The Dudley Young Person’s Alliance demonstrates the power of collaboration and the impact it can have on the lives of young people.  By working together, these organisations make a significant difference in the community, providing invaluable support and mentoring to help young people navigate their way through life’s challenges. As the Alliance celebrates its first year, it reminds us that when we come together, we can create a brighter future for the next generation.

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