CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 Finance and Housing

CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 Housing and Finance
















There were 163 lettings across all of CHADD’s homes this year,  10 more than the previous year.

In our Residents Survey:

  • 85% rated our homes as good.
  • 93% felt safer.
  • 90% rated our support as good.
  • 96% were satisfied with repairs.

Repairs & Maintenance

100% of all emergency repairs were completed within target.

99% of all routine repairs were completed within target.

97% of all planned works were completed within target.

Housing Corporation Registration number: LH2916    Industrial and Provident Society number: 22545R

CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 Housing and Finance
















Income and Expenditure Account20172016Balance Sheet20172016
Turnover2,244,9472,326,316Housing properties5,888,2055,979,468
Operating costs2,209,9612,181,232Other fixed assets140,135171,189
Operating Surplus34,986145,084Monies owed to CHADD117,622184,764
Cash at bank1,145,8041,117,178
Plus Interest on investments23,00924,7848,228,2648,270,461
Less Interest paid24,26324,339Creditors:
Transfer from St Marks House633,192due within 1 year238,803362,200
Surplus on ordinary activities33,732778,721due after 1 year5,497,8585,568,991
Change in value of investments118,601-46,896
Total income for the year152,333731,825Total Net Assets2,491,6032,339,270


Summary of Financial Statements for the year ending 31.3.17

Our Financial Statements for 2016/17 highlight what has been another positive year for CHADD. Despite higher than expected void figures, staffing restructures and the need for highly specialised training, an operating surplus of approximately £35k was achieved. Falling interests rates meant Income from investments reduced but the overall value of investments increased significantly by over £118k throughout the year.

The total net assets of the organisation also increased from £2.33m to £2.49m during the 2016/17 financial year, which resulted in a net gain in total assets of over £152k.