CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 Sheltered Housing

750 wellbeing events for our sheltered homes

We do everything we can to add some vigour and joy to our sheltered housing.but the residents also do all they can for each other.

Joan Jefferson moved to Neville House 6 years ago.  Her neighbour Les Whitehouse says she’s a gem:

“Joan is like a guardian angel. Anybody wants anything Joan gets it for them. She never  wants a reward for it”

CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 Sheltered Housing

Sheltered Housing

We have 45 flats for sheltered housing in total:

  • Neville House 30,  
  • Regent Street  8
  • CHADD Court 7.  

We welcomed 8 new people over the course of the year.

CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 Sheltered Housing

750 activities focused on people’s wellbeing, building community and promoting good health.  

The  Craft Club encourages arts, crafts and jewellery making with people taking part 150 times. There were over 200 pamper and grooming sessions.  Tea and Crumpets brought people together every day at one of the schemes helping build friendships and combat loneliness.

We’ve also had a focus on digitals skills – helping people have fund and keep tabs on their families.

I can phone my daughter in Spain on Facebook messenger. I’ve sent messages to friends and searched on YouTube for cat and cooking videos.

Pat on picking up digital skills