CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 St Marks House

A New Way of Life at St Marks

This was a year of change at St Marks.  A change from a residential home to supported living. For the tenants, most of whom are living with a mental health condition, it has meant steadily becoming more independent.

For the team it was re-invigorating and led to them sailing through a entirely new Care Quality Commission Inspection. In fact they achieved a ‘Good’ rating in that first inspection in October 2016

CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 St Marks
CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 St Marks

“It still brings tears to my eyes.  We went through a lot of change, learnt together and pulled together.   The Inspection showed we had got there and I’m proud of the staff, the tenants and their families.”

Sharon Serrell  Team Leader St Marks House 

CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 St Marks
CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 St Marks

200 Ways  to Wellbeing

Our increasing focus on wellbeing means we’ve added 200 new sessions and events during the year including the introduction of ‘Shiloh’; our St Marks therapy dog!

“I’ve got my things around me, which I never had as when I was younger.  I’m happy here. I do walking, I do art work.  There are my pictures in the CHADD offices”.

Tim Moss, tenant.

Learning together

This year the team also collaborated to gain new qualifications – 13 people working through the Care Certificate Qualification  

“Because we did it as a group session we all learnt from each others’ specialisms and skills.  Even though we had NVQ’s and experience the CQC showed us fresh approaches to care.   It also helped bring us all together as a team”  

Sharon Serrell