CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 Our Staff

74 staff,  all proud of CHADD

We are proud of the people who work at CHADD and work hard to be a good employer, demonstrating the principles of fairness, integrity, respect and probity.

CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 Our Staff

74 people worked for us this year, 7 more than the year before.  

Our 2017 Staff Survey showed significant improvement across all areas compared with the same survey in 2014.

  • 100% of people feel proud to work at CHADD.
  • 95% feel inspired to do their best work.
  • 95% share the same vision & values as CHADD.
  • 85% felt empowered at work

I started working here on a 3 month placement and here I am 12 years later. I’ve seen a lot of changes, I knew what challenges we were facing and I wanted to stay to see them through.

PS I love my job!

Lynda Morgan – Service Manager Supported Living

CHADD Annual Report 2016/17 Our Staff 2

We’ve also seen key indicators change.  Staff turnover is falling, sickness is down.

  • 18% Staff Turnover – 23% last year
  • 5% Absence Rate – 6.5% last year

And we are investing in the team with 275 colleague training and development sessions through the year.  One particular investment saw 13 support workers at St Marks House complete the Care Certificate course.

In our office we tend to be light hearted to keep us sane as some of the stories can be quite harrowing. We see and hear some awful things. When we do we always take the staff outside for a de-briefing, it gives us the space to offload our own feelings

Bev Rich, Outreach Team Leader