Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

CHADD is a small and highly specialist organisation that provides supported homes and community related support services to people within the borough of Dudley.

Our Vision:

“Supporting people towards independence”

Our Mission:

  • We believe that every individual has a right to a home which is suitable for their specific needs. We put this belief into action by providing, or enabling people to access, real homes and flexible support services to meet these needs.
  • We aim to provide high standards in the design, management and maintenance of our properties and in the care and support that we offer to individuals. We continually look for ways to improve or develop our services.
  • We work closely with other agencies, organisations and local communities for the benefit of our tenants, residents and service users, to create added value through partnership and collaboration.
  • At all times and in all that we do we value other people and treat each other with respect.