For the last few months we have been working closely with Nick and Steph from Podnosh to deliver a special digital project with young people in our Foyer.

We were able to use a little bit of funding from Ian Austin MP to provide WiFi in the Foyer and use Podnosh’s Impact Assessment App as part of wanting to encourage digital skills and also help build areas of social capital.

We are pretty amazed with the results.  The young people have created their own blog to write about their experiences before and during their time at the Foyer.  It is touchingly honest and authentic, and funny.  We are quite proud of the talent on show.

You can access the blog here:

It is still early days but we really wanted to share how this is starting to take shape and how with a little bit of technical help, young people can create and use their talents to explore a range of emotions, experiences and connections – some snippets below:

Blog 5           Blog 6

Steph from Podnosh, puts it better…..

“It may appear that we’re just coming in and teaching digital skills, but what we do is beyond that, they have been exploring their feelings, writing about friendships and in Abby’s case using it to show how far she has come in terms of her self-harm.”

Also the Impact App is a brilliant tool for capturing service impact, outcomes and the real voice of recipients as well as providing analysis and data to highlight trends on needs and interventions.  All useful professional stuff but mostly we just love reading what young people think…..

bringing my emotions forward, by writing the blog, how worrying it was and lovely when I started meeting my neighbours”

“I got cookies, I learnt what our friendship means to Abbi”

“I had GCP “get cooking” and had a wonderful time, I was being shown how to cook Bacon cakes. They were gorgeous, I couldn’t help but think of making them for my dad and show of…”

“I created a website and done my first about page and hopefully tonight I’ll do my first blog. With help it was quite easy”

“My key worker has helped me fill in my housing application for move on … feeling excited and looking forward to my future.”


You can check out the Impact Assessment App here:


Big thanks to the Podnosh team for being so flexible and in coming up with ideas and solutions, and Ian Austin MP for the donation.


We can’t wait to see more aspiring CHADD bloggers!  and I can’t wait to track down the recipe for Bacon Cakes…!


Anna Gillespie

Chief Executive