New Beginnings Domestic Abuse Service

Resilience, self-confidence and a brighter future.

New Beginnings is our service for survivors of domestic abuse. First we make sure you are as safe as possible and then help you build a new life. 

Our refuges meet the needs of a wide range of people. Our outreach service can help you at home.  Our specialists IDVAs are skilled in supporting people from any background to navigate complex problems. We know how to help you build resilience, self-confidence and a brighter future. 

Gendered Crime

Domestic abuse is a gendered crime. Women and children are overwhelmingly victims of male violence and that has always been our focus. We also recognise other victims may also need specialist support that suits them.

Our Services

Refuge Accommodation

We offer emergency accommodation and ‘breathing space’ to help you focus on personal issues without pressure and fear.  Our refuges are homely, safe havens for you and your children. 

We have three domestic abuse refuges and four smaller spaces we also use to provide people with a roof as they are escaping abuse.

These are much more than safe spaces. They are a place to  begin to recover, where we offer practical, emotional and legal support. We understand what you have been through and what it takes to recover. We take pride in being a springboard for the next stage: a safe life living in the community.

Outreach Services

We can also help you if you are still at home or have left a refuge to live in your own place again.  Our outreach team focus on all that you need, from being safe to moving on.

It’s Never Too Late
Older people’s need can often be missed or neglected. We offer dedicated support for those over 55 who are suffering domestic abuse.  

Supporting individuals leaving refuge to settle into their chosen new home.  

Dudley Sanctuary Service
Help with practical safety, such as locks and bolts to keep you safe in your home.

Specialist Support

We have a team of IDVA’s – Independent Domestic Violence Advocates – who are specifically qualified to help with the detailed legal, practical and emotional issues faced by survivors. An IDVA will also focus on specific needs.

Housing IDVA who can help you navigate the sometimes messy problems around homes and rent arrears.

Older People’s IDVA experienced in the issues and prejudices faced by older survivors of domestic abuse.

IDVA for ALL who understands the challenges for survivors coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.  Here to help you extract yourself from abusive relationships. 

or e-mail

There are a set of standards you can expect from us.  To see what they are click here.

What to expect at a refuge

Sometimes people are wary of refuges, worried about what they might find.

Our spaces are comforting and welcoming. They are places where you can feel at ease and where you can build new realationships or take the quiet time you need to recover.   

We have a refuge for people with complex needs, mental health issues or perhaps problems with addiction, where there is a worker 24 hours a day. We know the courage and determination it takes to tackle these issues and we are there for the journey you are on. 

We also have space for larger families and families with teenage boys.  


Warm welcoming spaces

People to talk to

Practical Support

Advice and therapy



News from our Domestic Abuse Service

Domestic Abuse Service Recommissioned for 5 years

We are celebrating this month. CHADD has won a tender to continue supporting hundreds of women and children affected by domestic abuse in Dudley for another five years. The contract with Dudley Council means our refuge and outreach services are secure until at least...

A day in the life of an IDVA in Dudley

CHADD is leading the way with a top team of Independent Domestic Violence Advocates - helping hundreds of women and children each year. Known as IDVAs, they are highly specialist professionals, specifically trained to help survivors of domestic abuse. And they can...

Thank You Sally

Sally Huband is a former board member at CHADD and a total star. For her "big" ish birthday she asked for donations instead of gifts and raised just shy of £1000 for our women's refuge. Thank you, Sally & friends, and yes, we managed this rare picture of our Head...

“It literally brought me back to life” – Carmel’s story about her stay at our specialist domestic abuse hub for people with complex needs

Carmel was at her lowest when she arrived at Hub 2 – our new specialist refuge for people with complex needs. She could barely talk to anyone, never mind tell her story.

“It literally brought me back to life” – Carmel’s story about her stay at our specialist domestic abuse hub for people with complex needs

Carmel was at her lowest when she arrived at Hub 2 - our new specialist refuge for people with complex needs. She could barely talk to anyone, never mind tell her story. The hub provides the 24 hour cover and a calm, welcoming safe space so people can work at the pace...

Counselling partnership for our Women’s Refuge in Dudley

Our Women;’s Refuge has begun a partnership with two Dudley Charities to offer therapeutic counselling to women.

Counselling partnership for our Women’s Refuge in Dudley

Two wonderful local charities have teamed up with us at CHADD to help support women in our domestic abuse refuge with therapeutic arts sessions. We provide a range of housing options supporting people to live in the community including  refuge accommodation and...

Thank you One 4 You Services

A Netherton taxi firm has dropped off a welcome boost for our domestic abuse refuge in Dudley.  One 4 You Services raised £350 for CHADD, so help us continue to which offer safety for 900 people each year, mostly women and children. "We work with young people, the...

What Makes You Happy?

That's the question we asked - answers in the form of a work of art please... The children living in our New Beginnings refuge and other little ones living in our young families homes have been beautifully busy during lockdown. They've been drawing and painting and...

About bloody time – but we still need help with period poverty

Last week we devoted International Women's Day to the About Bloody Time campaign to tackle period poverty for the women of Dudley. This week the government confirmed that they will fund free sanitary products for schools in England.   Hurrah - great news and well done...