Report a repair

CHADD is responsible for most (but not all) repairs in its residents’ homes. More information on who’s responsible for repairs is available below. If you have an emergency repair, you can call the main repair number during office hours, but outside of office hours you need to call the emergency out-of-hours number. There’s more info on that below.

If you have non-emergency repairs email

Emergency repairs – Within 24 Hours

Emergency repairs are faults which if left until the next day, would potentially place the health, safety or security of a resident  or third party at immediate at risk, or cause severe damage to the property.

An emergency repair might include:

  • Gas leaks
  • Loss of hot water where the tenant is vulnerable
  • Major storm damage
  • An unusable toilet (if you only have one in the house)
  • A total heating or hot-water system failure in winter

If the repair is an emergency then we will arrange for a contractor to call on you within 24 hours. Someone will need to stay in your home, to allow us access to carry out the repair. If you have a repair which requires urgent attention, please contact us immediately on 01384 456465, during our office hours which are:

Monday – Friday 9am-4.30pm

If it is outside of these times then please call: 01384 455464.

Urgent Repairs – To be completed within 3 days where possible

An urgent repair is required to remedy a fault that does not cause an immediate risk to the health, safety or security of a tenant or third party. However, whilst not an emergency, it still requires the repair to be completed promptly to ensure the risk does not increase.

An urgent repair may include:

  • Leaks which are not severe
  • Loss of hot water
  • Toilet not working
  • Broken Glazing
  • Severe blocked drains

Normal Repairs  – To be completed within 28 days

Normal repairs are carried out to remedy a fault that cause some discomfort, inconvenience, or a nuisance to the tenant or a third party or which could lead to the long-term deterioration of the property structure.

Types of Repairs:

  • Repairs to sanitary fittings
  • Roof and Gutter leaks
  • Repairs to woodwork and fitments
  • Structural repairs
  • Storm damage
  • Any other item which is not the responsibility of the tenant/agent

If the repair is not an emergency then email at any time to report it to our repairs team.


Who’s responsible for repairing my home?

CHADD is responsible for most, but not all, of the repairs to your home. There are some repairs that are your responsibility as the resident and others that we may do, but which we will charge you for. Your tenant handbook or welcome book will list who has responsibility.