Three women are sitting at a table and crafting with paper. You can only see their hands and the table.

Counselling partnership for our Women’s Refuge in Dudley

Two wonderful local charities have teamed up with us at CHADD to help support women in our domestic abuse refuge with therapeutic arts sessions.

We provide a range of housing options supporting people to live in the community including  refuge accommodation and outreach support for people who experienced domestic abuse.

Black Country Mental Health (formerly Dudley MIND) and The What Centre are now providing counselling services for women at our New Beginnings Refuge.

Teams from the two organisations visit the refuge every week and create a therapeutic support group. They deliver arts and crafts sessions with the women – during which they’re encouraged to talk about their experiences.

Sandra Vaughan (left) and Julie Duffy in a therapeutic art session

Sandra Vaughan is CEO of Black Country Mental Health. “We are trying to help the women move on by openly talking about what’s happened to them and how they feel. They may not be able to move on until they can address what’s happened to them.”

The What Centre CEO, Julie Duffy gives individual counselling: “We are providing a place where they are listened to and supported,” she added.

Anna Walsh, the Chief Executive at CHADD said” “Counselling is critical to helping women work through the abuse they have experienced.  Talking whilst crafting and making helps different people express themselves in different ways. We are delighted to be teamed up with other wonderful charities in Dudley”


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