We are celebrating this month.

CHADD has won a tender to continue supporting hundreds of women and children affected by domestic abuse in Dudley for another five years. The contract with Dudley Council means our refuge and outreach services are secure until at least 2030.

Our CEO is  Anna Walsh:  “We have secured a contract  worth £640k per annum. This ensures our refuge and specialist outreach service can continue to meet the needs of victims and survivors.”

Delight and Relief

“We are delighted and relieved with the news!. As with everything at CHADD this is a team effort. Thank you to everyone who played a role in getting the tender written and submitted, and to our domestic abuse team for their patience and in continuing to provide such a brilliant service.”

The service has come a long way since it started in the early 1980’s.

Domestic Abuse Services are in our DNA

“We started our first refuge in 1981/1982. We have always done this work in Dudley. It is part of our founding document, it’s in our DNA. It started just as a house, women sharing a house and it was women starting something for women. Survivors supporting other survivors. That’s what CHADD did. It was women rolling up their sleeves, saying let’s get a house. That’s how CHADD bought its first refuge.”

A Chance to Innovate

The contract has traditionally been extended yearly. This is the first time we have known it to be given for five years. A longer contract will help us make longer-term plans and to be more strategic. Anna says this is great news for continuity and the possibility to increase the amount of accommodation we can provide.

“It will enable us to continue to meet the emerging needs of victims and survivors.”

“But, this also allows us to explore innovative ways of working, to seek to increase our accommodation for victims and survivors and potentially look to buy more homes.



40 Years of  Improving Services

Today, we provide a wide range of safe spaces for survivors. This includes refuges, dispersed safe space in the community, a specialist Hub 2 for complex needs and its newest refuge for women aged over 55.

Our outreach service includes specialist support workers who can help with court and legal issues, financial and housing problems. We now have a whole team of these highly specialist Independent Domestic Violence Advisors – or IDVAs.

The service also provides individual support and connects survivors up to the right therapy and specialist support, whether they are at home or in their refuges.

Sanctuary can help keep people safe at home and works closely with their partners in Dudley, to help individuals and to make sure Dudley’s local domestic abuse services are as effective as possible.

More of the celebrations at one of our refuges