The range of work we do in our On Route foyer sometimes even surprises us – and it emerges through what the young people tell us in the impact app we use.  The quotes are the words of the young people we work with.

It can be the simple and the practical as making food together – as one resident said …

we made bacon cakes with beans, tasted very nice!!


Bacon cakes

It goes beyond recipes – as  Janice knows from this help she offerred :

We made pizza pockets, with pepperoni? cheese, ham, onion and tomatos. We then went through a list of foods that i like and some dishes that i may like.

Indeed she always seem to be helping with a wide range of skills and needs:

janice administered first aid as I cut my hand and supported me to do a tax calculation to figure out my wages

Team member Canel sat down with one of the residents to provide pragmatic help with the bureacracy of life …

helped with assessments for a apprenticeship and housings bidding number also making sure im on track with targets we set the week prior.

and Helen helped another

Helen talked to me about moving. It helped me understand housing better and I started the move on book.


I have been advised and helped to contact the Job Centre as my hours have dropped at work. I have also been given advice on my rent as my housing benefit has not come through yet, and I have received support attending a meeting at the job centre for later on this week.

For many life is challenging… When they arrive with us they can be pretty miserable.



Life still difficult, struggling with money, no break from the kids, on my own and ex still giving grief

was how one person felt when they arrived. But after some help?

Got a lot out of it, managing money, work and benefits and impact on working hours

Steadily, day by day, the staff and the residents work together to help develop thriving young people, all on route from our foyer to an independent life.