It’s been a hugely busy pre-Christmas for us with lots of activities and events, and in sorting through and distributing all of the donations received through our recent Big Give Christmas Campaign.  We have been overwhelmed with the success of our campaign this year and the generosity of so many people in Dudley willing to help others.  Thank you to all who have contributed.  In the midst of all of that, we quietly confirmed the transfer of Rotary House to CHADD’s full ownership.

A huge amount of work went in to this both in recent weeks and through our role as managing agent over the last few years. Thanks to all the CHADD team involved in making this happen, especially Clare and Lynda and the sheltered team.

For those of you that don’t know, Rotary House is a wonderful sheltered housing community for older people aged 55 and over in the Russell’s Hall area of Dudley. The environment, gardens and internal finishing is of high standard and there is a vibrant community of people living in 50 apartments.

Rotary House was built and developed through the Rotary Housing Association (RHA), a small association as a spin-off from the Rotary Club of Dudley. They raised the funds, designed and built the scheme in both phase 1 and phase 2 developments. It’s worth noting that the RHA were volunteers from the Rotary Club committed to improving housing for older people who just got on with it, and for many years. The scheme’s development was led by Michael Summerfield, former Director of Housing at Dudley Council and Chair at RHA.

As the years have passed by, the RHA board came to the decision after consulting with tenants, that it would be beneficial for the scheme’s ongoing sustainability that the scheme transferred to a local specialist supported housing provider. We were delighted that CHADD was the chosen provider.

Mr Summerfield and the RHA volunteer board along with others at the Rotary Club, have also been working closely with us in the transfer process. Many thanks to them for their help, assistance and support and for their commitment to providing sheltered housing all those years ago.

As for the future, we want to continue to maintain the high standards set by the RHA and Rotary Club and continue to improve the facilities and the quality of accommodation for future tenants.

So a big welcome to Rotary House; now formally part of the CHADD family.

Anna Gillespie, Chief Executive


Interested in finding out about vacancies at Rotary House? Call us on 01384 231 950.