Yes that right, a homelessness Jam.  Some of the people who live in our Foyer have got involved with   Dudley Youth Council which has given itself  the brief to

“Raise awareness of homelessness and increase services for young people”

To start long term work on this the youth council organised a Jam: a full day immersed in the problem. It involved diving into a 6 hour session to try and understand the issues behind homelessness and  start to see how things might be approached or designed differently.

They worked with a Lorna Prescott and Daniel Blyden, both members of the CoLab Dudley team (a coalition supporting people get things done together which improve their own lives and improve Dudley).

Daniel’s instinct was that 6 hours is little time to address such a big issue:

When asked to do this, I immediately thought what could we possibly achieve in such a short period of time looking at such a complex issue and surely we should supporting the young people to think in a systems way about this.

He’s written in some detail about how they approached the day. This feedback report also shows what happened.

An Inspiration wall helped keep the thoughts and ideas in one place during the jam

From the Jam came 5 prototypes.. the start of working how to address the following how might we questions…

  • Prototype 1 Information Hub – Tree of knowledge artwork How might we empower young people to access services?
  • Prototype 2: Survey How might we find out what young people feel about the issue? (To explore why they asked us to look at the issue) How might we explore young people’s perceptions of homelessness?
  • Prototype 3: How might we empower people to access services?
  • Prototype 4: Storytelling: The story told through Lego. How might we tell the story of young people’s experiences when homeless?
  • Prototype 5: Public art: Helping people to think about helping someone else in need. How might we explore young people’s perceptions of homelessness?

How is the CHADD Foyer involved?

Clearly homelessness, young people and the best way to offer a springboard for young people is key to why the foyer is here.  It’s what the team cares about, it’s also what the people living here care about.

Where the Foyer came in was to start to look at and challenge the results of that Jam.

Here groups are working through the ideas offerred from the jam and started to use an Activate pack to think about other things that they would like to address.

Next Steps for homelessness in Dudley

All sorts of things are possible.   Lorna from CoLab thought a sensible next step would be to either try out practical small elements of some of the biggest ideas, to get some feedback.  With the simpler ideas or projects just get on an make those happen.