Last week we devoted International Women’s Day to the About Bloody Time campaign to tackle period poverty for the women of Dudley.

This week the government confirmed that they will fund free sanitary products for schools in England.  

Hurrah – great news and well done all who campaigned for this change!


This doesn’t deal with period poverty everywhere we find it.

It’s expected to be September before this programme takes affect, and then only in secondary schools.  Primary schools still need helps and secondary schools may need some extra support.

Also adults and those not at school still need our support.

At CHADD we need to provide period products for the women who use our services, whether it’s the refuge, the foyer, our accommodation for young families  or our outreach services.

We don’t want anyone to be disadvantaged or feel humiliated because they can’t afford period products.

So how can you help? 

Please continue to drop off sanitary products of various sizes at CHADD – our address is here on the site.  You can call us on  01384 456465

Please continue to drop off sanitary products at DY1 or contact  to support the ongoing work of Dudley Young Health Champions and the campaign started here in Dudley by Lauren Millard.

If you can help, please donate the following  items:

  • applicator tampons
  • sanitary towels
  • panty pads
  • black tights
  • dark coloured pants
  • fresh wipes
  • antibacterial hand wash
  • small packets of sweets
  • a draw string sponge bag…

For more on the women who helped make this campaign happen…