Outreach work to help victims of domestic abuse is a core part of CHADD’s work.

In the last year we have developed this work with a new member of our team: Rani Kaur.
Rani is an IDVA, an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate. She launched our new outreach service for people aged over 55.

Here she talks about her work, for our Annual General Meeting in September 2018.

Thanks to Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council for supporting this work.

In the year 2017 to 2018 our outreach services supported:

  • 440 people, mostly women, through our community based support
  • 750 people completed our group programmes
  • 145 people used Staying Put, our service to make them more secure at home, that’s 30 more than 2016/17.  Rainbow is our project for LGBTQI victims of domestic abuse, we supported 34 people.  Extending Reach is our outreach and translation service for victims who have been hard to reach. 
domestic violence servcie statistic for chadd in dudley

Domestic Abuse Outreach Services CHADD 2017 -18

Chadd Annual report of Domestic Abuse Refuges

Our Domestic Abuse Refuge Services continued to support more people than the year before.

This year, we have provided

  • 11,284 nights of safety 
  • 103 women and 114 children lived in the refuge.
  • 6 women aged over 55 accessed our specialist home for older victims of domestic abuse as part of our Never Too Late service.
  • We ran 95 group based activities:
  • New funding from DCLG helped us provide family wellbeing and therapeutic work in the Refuge using Five Ways to Wellbeing framework.
  • The group activities helped with the emotional and mental health for women and their children living in the refuge. This also means we can offer places for people with challenging mental health conditions and trauma. Before we couldn’t.
  • 8 women worked with Saltmine TrustTheir Thriving Survivors project had a huge positive impact on women in the refuge who used theatre to explore their aspirations and talents and grow in confidence.