On-Route Foyer

On Route Foyer


The Vision & Aims of the Foyer

To work with young people aged 16 -25 years old to help them to achieve security and independence.  As a member of the Foyer Federation On-Route Foyer is committed to supporting young people to access appropriate education, training and employment.

The objective of the service is to prepare and enable a young person to live independently in his or her own home and to successfully handle the responsibilities that entails.

The Foyer

On-Route Foyer provides a unique combination of accommodation where young people at various stages in their growth towards independence can access the resources of the Foyer or progress within it.

There are 31 accommodation places providing the following options:

  • Self- contained flats (3 units on Peel St)
  • Self- contained  flats (25 units at 6 Dixons Green Rd)
  • Studio flats (3 units at Constitution Hill)


  • IT Suite
  • Training Kitchen
  • Café area
  • Training rooms & Wi- Fi
  • Laundry
  • Communal gardens
  • Pool Room
  • Gym equipment

How we help

The Foyer works with young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Providing a safe, stimulating and supportive environment where they have the opportunity to develop Skills 4 Life including employability skills and making new friends along the way. Young people journey towards independence is supported by their keyworker who will provide guidance and support for young people to reach their goals and aspirations.

Our Foyers Offer

  • Individual Person Centred Support Plans
  • Progress 2 work, (interview skills, CV writing, job search)
  • Link with local colleges & training providers
  • Money & budgeting
  • Groupwork
  • Cooking & nutrition sessions
  • Vegetable garden & chicken project
  • Registered Sexual health drop in
  • Fitness / dance sessions
  • Football team ( girls & boys)
  • Holistic therapies, yoga, relaxation, art therapy etc.
  • Assistance with finding appropriate move on accommodation
  • Resident participation opportunities through organised events and young person’s fund raising projects

Your Foyer

On-Route Foyer seeks to provide an essential and strong relationship between Foyer residents, staff, management and stakeholders. In order to do this, the Foyer fully encourages its service users to influence the future direction and development of the Foyer service. The Foyer uses a range of options to promote resident participation, young people are fully encouraged through resident involvement meetings, Foyer business planning, surveys and suggestion box’s in addition to participating in community engagement events where they have an opportunity to promote and influence services that effect young people.

Only through consulting and involving the young people and can we provide the kinds of services that will meet our young people’s needs.

Foyer FAQs

How long can I stay?
The maximum stay at the Foyer is 2 years, the average length of stay is generally between 8- 12 months.

How much does it cost to stay at the Foyer?
The weekly cost varies for each dispersed project on the Foyer, some accommodation options include heating and lighting within the rent charge. The level of Rent Allowance awarded will depend on your current circumstances which are individually assessed by a Housing Benefit Officer. For a current up to date cost of rent charges please telephone 01384 237555 our staff will be happy to support.

How do I apply for accommodation on the Foyer?
Young people can visit the Council Plus, Homeless Persons section, 259 Castle St Dudley and request a referral to the Foyer or if you have a   social worker, Connexions worker, college tutor or other agency worker they can support you with a referral. Many of these support agencies have the Foyer application forms or you can contact the Foyer directly for a form or down load an application from our web page.

What happens after you receive my application?
You will have  been asked on your application to sign a consent form giving permission  for Foyer staff to contact any professional agencies / persons so that staff can seek further relevant information relating to your application for accommodation .   When this has been completed if your current situation and support needs meet the criteria for the Foyer and any identified risks can be realistically managed by the Foyer you will be contacted by Foyer staff and invited to an interview.

Allocation of accommodation or acceptance on the waiting list is determined through a points system. If you are accepted a Foyer manager will assess which Foyer project will best meet your needs and make an accommodation offer.

How is a Foyer different from a hostel?
The Foyer should not be confused with a hostel or emergency shelter that accepts direct access for young people off the street. All residents have to undergo an interview and assessment prior to being accepted. The Foyer ethos requires all residents to demonstrate a commitment towards their own personal development. Therefore young people are expected to work towards agreed goals and attend development programmes as part of their Occupancy Agreement, Support Agreement and Foyer Contract to remain at the Foyer.

Do you want to Support the Foyer?


If you want to donate items for the people who use our foyer please contact reception@chadd.org.uk or call 01384 456465.  If you want to donate money (either one-off or regularly) or run an activity to fundraise for the refuge we'd love that. You can do it through Justgiving:  Thank you.